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About Us

Our Company

The foundation of Expert Notary Signers Inc. is based on over 59 years of combined experience in the Real Estate and Financial Industries. Our company's officers have held positions in Title, Default, Escrow, and various other Mortgage related fields. This provides us a significant edge over our competition and truly make us unique/diverse to our Industry.

Expert Notary Signers Inc. works with Independent Escrows and some of the largest National Title/Escrow Companies in the United States. Our company follows a strict compliance protocol on every business transaction, ensuring all compliance regulations are met and/or exceeded.


Expert Notary Signers, Inc. carefully selects Notaries based on being fully compliant, experienced and professional, so we can provide the highest level of mobile document signings. We hold the Notaries accountable to the Signing Professionals Workgroup Code of Conduct. This enables us to complete your signings with accuracy, precision and absolute confidence.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We did not invent the wheel per say, we just excelled in setting much higher standards, making us an industry leader in striving for 100% customer satisfaction. Rest assured you are getting the best customer service in the business when aligning yourself with Expert Notary Signers, Inc. 

Expert Notary Signers, Inc.’s goal is to help you focus on and facilitate as many signings/closings as possible - so you can be more productive, while we worry about the security and compliance.